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Our mission

What we do?

International Mathematical Excellence Company-IMECO is the very first modern company which is going to launch LITE Technology in education for the first time. Our goal is to provide goods for everyone all around the globe


Our Services


International Mathematical Excellence Olympiad is good for all people who are interested in mathematics specially highschool students.

LAB Network

as of now, IMECO hosts for topical groups of mathematics. Talk to experts of each topics in topical groups.


International Mathematical Association is community of great Olympiad teachers who try to help students all around the world by providing them the best valuable supplies to study and etc. so they will get better results in competitions. try it via Telegram

Mirzakhani Academy

Mirzakhani Academy (or International Golden Future Online School) is the first international Olympiad school with experienced teachers. If you need help just ask from @igfosbot or simply visit


International Mathematical Scholars Club is a place in which those math experts who win a medal of IMEO or our tournaments , will be given an IMSC membership card


We also host for mathematical tournaments. Like Pizza Tournament or Angular Tournament

Mock Olympiads

We host for 4 topical mock Olympiads:

  • Timothy Number theory Olympiad - TNO
  • Euclidean Geometrical Olympiad - EGO
  • Erdös Combinatorial Olympiad - ECO
  • Khayyam Algebra Olympiad - KAO

Storm Pub

Storm is a mathematical book, article and etc. publication which can publish your books for FREE!

S'Cool Camp

S'Cool Camp is a series of camps hosted for students from different countries with an IMSC membership and a final amazing report

About Us

Who we are?

IMECO has an international team of talented people including former Olympians and great Olympiad mentors who are the best. Our goal is to provide the bests for people to let them owe their wishes and be great.

Seeing is believing

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Amanda Lee

Former Olympian

I got my national gold medal with these guys. I had no idea about what mathematical Olympiad is but now I am a mentor at my former high school

Adam Cheise

Olympiad Mentor

IMECO provides the really modern materials and methods for training. It’s a masterpiece

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