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Our Story

IMECO is a B2C non-profit company founded in 2017 by Amin Hashemi. This upstart has grabbed attention of more than 1M people all around the globe. We provide really special services for free to all of our customers.

We all believe

we all had somebody who has done such thing for us one day and now it is our duty to continue this way to make a better world together.



Why We Built It

First and foremost – IMECO was born because we, as mathematical professionals, needed such a place to share our ideas. 

And as we all have seen there are lots of people having best mentors and materials and pay high tuition for that; On the other hand there are more students who don’t have such mentors in their area and if there are some, they cannot pay for that amount of tuition. So we came to the idea to create such a powerful ecosystem. 

Meet the Team

Amin Hashemi

founder & CEO

Pravat Hati

Jury Committee Head

Deepak Bastola

Nepal Registrant

Negin Karimi


Anton Trygub

Problem Dept. President

Mohammad Jafari

Algebra Dept. Head

Manzoor Wani

Website Designer

Fedir Yudin

Academy President

Mehdi Ghassemi

Geometry Dept. Head

Valentio Iverson

IMSC President

Alexandru Lopotenco


Simon Schürrle


Meet the People

who have done at least one project with us

Konstantinos Metaxas

Arsenii Nilokaev

Niloufar Shadan

Mihai T.Iliant

Zurab Agdgomelashvili

Sorina G.Andrei

Givi Kokhreidze

Oleksii Masalitin

Anuarbekov Tynyshbek

Stefan Lozanovski

Tahmine Tavakoli

Join our team and make a difference

We are always looking for talented people to join our ranks and help make education better for everyone.

About us

IMECO is the very first modern mathematical company which has launched LITE Technology in education system for the first time.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide bests for everyone free and to fight with educational inequalities.