Angular Tournament of Mathematics​

January 2-6, 2019

Welcome to the Angular Tournament of Mathematics

A special tournament for ION Academy members. Participate in the tournament and become a special mathematician by discovering ANGLES 😉

A few stats:

  • NO. of signed up students: 1107
  • NO. of countries who registered: 11
  • NO. of applied answers: 985
  • NO. of countries who participated: 11


Take a minute to 

TOP 10 ranks:

  • Alexis Ismailov
  • Elya Alpha
  • John Benet
  • William Lee
  • Antonio Kirov
  • Ivan Medyankin
  • Davis Hall
  • Nelson Fox
  • Lewis Rashentikov
  • Powell Long

The TOP 10 ranks got a special Angular Certificate and an IMSC membership card.