International Mathematical Association

The International Mathematical Association was the first and the hugest project done by IMECO. It is a channel on the Telegram Application and it is dating back to July 28, 2017.

In October 2018, the channel hit the number of 216 members, a huge one since all of them were mathematicians. This proved that the math community is not dead, and it is a very active one.

As for the end of October 2018, the channel has already 1400 messages (to make an idea, each of these is of length 400- 2000 words, as an ideal blog post length).

The main administrators of this great channel are:


1. The IMA series of problems

This series started in September 2018 by the channel administrators as a challenge for the readers. In one day we give a problem, and in the days that follow we will write parts of its solution. Usually, after 3 days, the solution is complete. Also, the readers are encouraged to send us solutions, providing them that the prize is an Olympiad book. We read any solution that is sent to us and give hints to everyone that asks for them in Telegram. We always give the prize to everyone that finishes the problem, even if we helped them, since the most important thing for our readers is to learn.

However, the problems are not easy. Most of them are of a difficulty comparable to IMO P2/P5, some of them getting even harder. Here comes our magic of teaching: the solutions we post are made by us, so that we can present them in the best way possible and to make the reader understand more than the direct proof of the problem. We use a ton of Lemmas in order for our readers at least to remember these.

For the end, the solutions are complete, we receive message from the subscribers if something is not ok and edit everything that’s necessary.

2. A collection of very recent articles we found from the AoPS community and other websites

Every time we see a new article on the internet, we make sure that our channel has it. You can’t find some recent article on the internet that’s not on IMA.

3. All the news in the domain of Mathematics

Our administrators have many linkages to a lot of great mathematicians and they can find the most new discoveries in this domain. We post articles from a lot of different science magazines/ newspapers on our channel, so that everyone can enjoy them.

We are open anytime to a new project. If you wondered if it is possible to present to the community of mathematicians any of your ideas, teaching techniques, amazing problems, or any project you may think of, remember that there is no barrier from you to do that. We are all mathematics enthusiasts that decided to leave something in this world and we do this. And you can do this too by joining our team.