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To register in International Mathematical Excellence Olympiad 2019, please fill out the following form and then if there is any problem in your application, we will contact you. Before you fill out the form, please read following F.A.Q.



IMEO is free for everyone from all around the globe


Till now more than 30 countries participate in IMEO

Good Ranking

By participating in IMEO you will get a really important analyze and your international rank


You don't need any special things to participate in this exam. Just a network connection

New ideas

You can learn new ideas of mathematics and also share your ideas with other students

IMO Type

IMEO will be an IMO style exam which means 2 days and each day 3 great challenging problems


Registeration Count

IMEO is a really great contest and it is so close to JBMO and national Olympiad. I owe IMEO a thank you ❤
Felix Doughry
Former Participant

Recommended by +100k people


I want to propose problems for this contest

IMECO invites all math lovers and Olympiad mentors to propose challenging problems for this competition. Proposers can apply for their proposed problems here until August 1, 2019.

I have already registered for this event via eventbox.ir/imeo-2019...

If you have registered before via our former event registrator and you’ve received your participation ticket then there is no need to register again via this portal.

My country is a registrant. How can I register?

If your country is an official registrant of IMECO, then instead of siging up here, contact your country registrant/ region re-seller to register you. Or if you register here, your application would be redirected to your country registerant

I want to register in your events faster…

If you wish to register faster in our events and/or see your detailed results and etc. you can register once in our open network-ION- by clicking here