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🍕Pizza Tournament

Pizza tournament was held up by IMECO in March 2018 with +2,000 participants from 13 different countries. You can download and see the problems of this tournament by clicking here.

The top score of this tournament was 48 which was ranked by 🏆Stefan Izmailov from The USA🇺🇸.
In prizing system of this tournament, we have selected 7 participants by lottery who had ranked ≥30(as we mentioned before)

Below is the list of participants who has won a piece of pizza!
🏅Anton Medyankin
🏅Vergelea Vlad Stefan
🏅Eugene Oskolsky
🏅Andrew González
🏅Rohit Chauhan
🏅Samir Dayal
🏅Ervin Tan

R I S E   A N D   S H I N E   B Y   J O I N I N G @myimeco