IMECO is so proud to introduce its very  specialized FREE E2E encrypted license to those people who are interested to use a modern certificate for their projects. If you don’t know what is an open source public license feel free to read this.
By the way if you are interested to use the best license for your article/book/project, you can easily follow following steps:

  1. First you should register your project here so that we will be available to track abuse of your project legally and prevent people from doing that.
    1. In registration progress, you will be asked to send us following information:
      • Full name
      • Country, address, etc.
      • Contact information (Email, Phone number, etc.)
      • Project information (Title, tagline, etc.)
  1. After your project is verified by the team, you will receive a private key which is your hash to decrypt your project in our E2E encrypted database. Note that if you lose it, you cannot recover it and so you won’t be able to track your project. Also your project will be added to So you can easily read all protected projects there too.

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And if you don’t like to get a verified badge from us, then you can easily use this license for your project. But in this case note that we won’t track your project even if there are some abuse. But using this will send us a key about that you have used our license for your project. But without any details about your project. So feel free to use UNICENSE in any projects. Registered or unregistered…

How to use UNICENSE?

to use UNICENSE, you have some choices:

You can see the latest version of our open source license-UNICENSE here:

Version 1.0.0
Copyright © [year] [name]
Published by [Publisher]
All rights reserved under a UNICENSE Public License in International Mathematical Excellence Company-IMECO. No part of this [book/article/project] may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author.
If you don’t like this [book/article/project], please delete it from your computer.
See more information about UNICENSE here.
[First/second/…] [printing/editing], [year]


you can download UNICENSE logo here

<a href="//" title="UNICENSE"> <img src="//" alt="UNICENSE badge"></a>

Important note:
Entering wrong information in any step, will be followed by Interpol and your local Police Department. So be careful about what you apply for