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UNICENSE helps you to keep your projects safe. A Universal License which protects you from attacks.

We do everything. You just need to

The things we do best

User Friendly

UNICENSE is easy to use. A user-friendly universal experience. With lots of projects on stack

No Attacks

Your token is safe. We protect your project with the unique token and


UNICENSE is completely E2E encrypted with special algorithms

Cloud Based

UNICENSE is based on cloud, protecting you all over the world from attackers

people talk

Hold on, chillax! We’re not trying to sell you on our product. Instead, here are some dudes that will do the hard work for us.

I'm usually grossed out by apps, but these guys are legit! It even fits my mobile app and not only for my country but also worldwide
melisa manti
App Developer
So, the first time I heard of the UNICENSE guys I was like: what? But now I'm more like: Hell yeah, give me more protection
marina pamuk
marketing manager
I don't even know how I got by without this stuff. This right here is the bomb. Especially the awesome filters included in the product.
dennis marvel
music producer



  • 1MB
  • 10MB Bandwith
  • 1 Attack
  • 30 days valid
  • Free SSL
  • Ticket Support



  • 100MB
  • 1GB Bandwith
  • 100 Attacks
  • Unlimited Valid
  • Free SSL
  • 24/7 Support

Free trial

UNICENSE also has a FREE Trial which helps you a lot. But it is limited. You can