Here we will post about recent updates in our website. Welcome to UPDATE feed of IMECO website.


Vibranium version

ION version 1.0.0

Swift version of the site launched

ION version 1.1.0

Servers moved to different countries for a better and faster experience

ION version 1.2.0

Updated the website font packs and fixed some loading issues

ION version 1.3.0

Improved the database encryption by changing some algorithms

ION version 1.4.0

Started the testing phase of Blockchain version of the site in some countries

ION version 1.5.0

Fixed some total blockchain errors

ION version 1.6.0

Edited some important parts of the site including blog, services and etc.

ION version 1.7.0

API is online

ION version 1.8.0

ION Passport released

Website SEO improved

Website security improved

Now compliant with GDPR

Export data feature added

ION version 1.9.0

Integrate with Accelerated Mobile Pages-AMP

Improved mobile performance

Integrate with special mobile theme

Bavaria Version

ION version 2.0.0

Support for PWA

100% of security tweaks fixed

Improved site performance

Fixed Issues

ION version 2.1.0

Website design changed

SEO improved